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Social Work

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At the heart of FLOW's social workers' diverse roles lies a commitment to inclusivity, community, advocacy, and empowerment. Collaborating with children, young people, families, and broader systems, our social workers prioritise promoting wellbeing through various methods including focused psychological strategies, play-based therapies, group work, and attachment-based therapies.

Our Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Melanie, possesses specialised expertise in mental health. Certified to assess, diagnose, and address mental health and associated psychosocial challenges, Melanie is a recognised Medicare provider.

Meet Georgia, our compassionate Social Worker, currently working towards accreditation as a Mental Health Social Worker. With substantial experience in mental health, Georgia offers support across diverse age groups and backgrounds.

What sets apart FLOW's Social Work team is their additional qualifications in Psychotherapy, Counseling, Youth Work, and Play Therapy. Discover more about our dedicated team of professionals by clicking below.

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