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Assessments & Reports.

The cost of assessments and reports will be discussed at the time of booking, as fees and booking processes vary based on the type of assessment or report required.

Assessments: A $250.00 deposit is required at the time of booking and is taken off the total cost of the assessment. An assessment booking will only be held for 48 hours without the deposit. The deposit is fully refundable if the assessment is cancelled at least 5 business days prior to the appointment. The deposit will serve as a cancellation fee for non-attendance and assessments cancelled with less than 5 business days notice, due to the significant amount of time blocked out of a clinician’s diary for an assessment (3+ hours) as well as the non-refundable costs incurred by FLOW for the assessment materials.  Please note that Mental Health Care Plans are no longer accepted as part of the billing process for Educational Assessments.

Reports: The cost of reports vary based on the type and length of report required and may be billed at the standard private hourly rate. NDIS clients must provide a minimum of 4 weeks notice for any NDIS Review reports required. All accounts, including the cost of the report, must be settled before a report will be released. Please note that assessment reports are not released prior to the Feedback Session. Requests for reports must be received in writing at least four weeks prior to the report being due. FLOW reserves the right to decline a report request, except in cases where information has been subpoenaed by a court.

Feedback Session: Feedback Sessions will only be booked once the balance of the Assessment, Report and Feedback Session has been paid in full.  

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